2023 is here along with the winter months of the year, now is such an important time to get clear on your vision, your intentions, and your goals.

This program will be led by me, Ashe,  your herbal spiritual guide.

This group is a powerful opportunity to clarify your grand visions and manifest them into form.

Often we doubt or limit what we really want, desire, or need. You may have connected to your visions in the past and when they didn't come into fruition,  you set them aside or gave up on them all together.
I'm here to encourage you to seize the moment and to give yourself the space needed to really vision. The still of the Winter season is the time to hear and see what may not be as evident on the surface. In order for new seeds to germinate in the spring, we must tend to our personal soil and clear out anything that may be blocking our ability to grow. 

I will be leading you through sacred processes and rituals to help you clarify what you really want to feel confident and to believe in what you can create now. You are so inherently deserving of the life you visualize, and I am here to hold that sacred vision with you to claim those desires.  

In my experience, I have found that spaces such as the one I'm offering are absolutely vital for slowing down and connecting especially when life is coming at you fast. This will be a healing community space where you will feel seen, heard, and received.

You will receive an opportunity to feel re-inspired by life and feel even more spiritually connected and motivated.

You will receive the space to reconnect deeply to your true self and in return, feeling of more empowered in your current circumstance.

You will receive support from herbal allies to aid your nervous system, your spiritual consciousness, and your being. This will allow space for greater receptivity, clarity, and healing.

As someone who works tirelessly on myself, aiming to get out of my own way, I understand the major importance of intentional sacred space to keep your vision alive.
I sometimes still struggle with believing that I deserve/d the visions that I have or held for myself. I have felt hopeless and that things were completely out of my control. The moment that all shifted for me was when I began to really engage with ritual, connecting with Spirit, working with herbal allies,  believing in myself, and allowing myself to be open to receive. It was also in holding space for myself and others that truly helped me cultivate my grand visions and continue to manifest. We are all in our process of progress, so let's come together to support one another to achieve our dreams.

Allow me to be your guide into the infinite abundance that is already within your life.  Join me this winter by signing up now for my annual
New Moon Manifestation Group, as registration is open until
 January 13th, 2023. Limited spaces. 

Starting in January On the new moon in Aquarius

-SUNDAY JANUARY 23 6:30-8:30PM
-SUNDAY MARCH 19TH 6:30-9:30PM

Click here to register Now

What your registration includes:

-3 powerful ceremonial New Moon Virtual gatherings

-A New Moon Ritual box that includes herbal allies, crystals, manifestation deck and more 
-monthly practices and Rituals to Reinforce your visions

-Community Camaraderie

your investment: $333
or 3 payments of $111

*Sliding scale pricing available for Bipoc*

My intention is to Create a direct and engaged connection.

Space is Limited to 12 participants

Registration Closes on 1/13