Herbalism. The use of plants for health and healing is as old as humanity, if not older. Everything we needed to survive as a species for thousands of years has been growing from Mother Earth, Gaia. Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine and it is so simple. We view herbs and plants as spiritual allies and healers. Our mission is to help women heal themselves with the help of plant remedies, community, and education. 

At Pura Luna, we’ve brought together the finest medicinal herbs and remedies to treat your body the way it was meant to be and wants to be healed. Not only do we have herbs and herbal remedies for you—crafted for an array of conditions or personalized specially for you--but we have several ways for the herbs to begin immediately doing their healing in your body. From custom blends to hand-made tinctures, syrups and salves. We’re here to assist you during your journey with fertility, your cycle, stress or well-being, reproductive health, and menopause. We also offer our V-steam service which will change the way you feel about your sacred center, your yoni. Allow and trust your body’s ability to heal itself with the support of our shop and the plants. 

We are here exclusively for women!

Absolutely. Both instances can create hormonal imbalances which can cause a heap of other ailments. Herbs may help in regulating your hormones to bring balance back into your life. Ingesting herbs orally or topically is great, as well as vaginal steaming. Vaginal steaming creates great circulation and is hydrating to the reproductive tract. Utilizing herbs to help supplement your lifestyle is a great way to naturally get your body back on track for optimal health and wholeness.

Absolutely but depends on the herb.  If you look at most supplements for pregnant or lactating women they are herbal based. We highly suggest an herbal infusion ( herbs steeped in boiled water overnight or at least 4 hours) of nettle and red raspberry leaf daily for pregnant and lactating moms. Both are high in minerals, vitamins, and are super nourishing for mama and baby. We have an array of safe herbs for women in the childbearing year to take that will effective aid them in the trimesters and increase milk production.  

We live in a society that is used to a 'quick -fix'. We have become pill happy and there is a pill for everything! With healing naturally, time and patience are honored and necessary for these plant remedies to take place. So if you are in a hurry and rush the healing process you may become frustrated with the lack of overnight success. Remember this way of healing is matched with your bodies natural rhythms. We are of nature and if we match our nature with nature, we find the beauty of gradual transformational change and long lasting health. 

WOuld Herbs help if i am post menopausal or have had a hysterectomy? 

Can I take herbs while I am pregnant and/or Lactating?

Are there downsides to taking herbs?

It is always a great idea to ask your healthcare provider before taking any herbs. However, most herbs are safe with minimal side effects and may even help the effectiveness of the prescribed medication. Especially nourishing herbs like nettle, dandelion root, and burdock root which can be take daily and will aid in healing what may be ailing you.  We also advise that you do your own research and do what feels in alignment with your health care needs and goals.

Can I use herbs in addition to My Prescribed Medication?

Vaginal steaming is a method of healing used in over 25 countries around the world. Vaginal steaming is soothing and healing, it feels much like a warm bath filled with herbal medicine but for your creative center. The comfort and relaxation are focused on your vulva as you relax on a custom-made sauna box.

It wasn’t that long ago that women thought of our vaginas as “dirty” and something we didn’t want to think about “down there.” We now know vaginas are self-cleaning, miraculous and beautiful centers of our power. Vaginal steaming is not about washing. Think of it as a relaxing way to optimize your physical and mental health, your center of power, your miraculous source of babies, pleasure and female power. Most commonly, vaginal steaming is used by midwives in other countries for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby. 


-Heavy or long periods      
-Painful periods
-Irregular or short cycles 
-Yeast infections
-Bladder or kidney infections 
-Increasing Fertility
-Fibroids & Cysts 
-Before and after cycle care
-Missing Periods
-Hormone balance
-Postpartum care
-Bacterial Vaginosis 
- Pre, peri, and post Menopause
-Dysmennorhea & Amenorrhea
-post abortion care
-Miscarriage recovery
-Hysterectomy care
-Vaginal Dryness
-Overall Preventative Vaginal Care 

From the first period to post-menopause, it is an important tool for self-care. According to various case studies, vaginal steaming appears to improve symptoms in over 90% of all gynecological problems and shows tremendous potential as an alternative to invasive medical procedures. Please check http://www.steamychick.com/more-info/ for even more information.

If your are experiencing any of the following, please call or email us today to set up a consultation about how vaginal steaming can help:

Heavy or long periods (more than 4 days)
Painful periods
Irregular or short cycles (interim bleeding or cycles less than 27 days)
Yeast infections, bladder or kidney infections
Frustrations with getting pregnant
Not feeling right since you gave birth
Insomnia, weight gain, memory loss after your periods have stopped
Fibroids, endometriosis or cancer in reproductive organs

Allow us to put together a steam protocol tailored to your needs. 

What is VAginal (Yoni) Steaming?