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Hello, I am Lizo! Woman of the wild, herbalist, potion maker, garden tender, eco-warrior, holistic hairstylist at Luna Bella Make-Up and Hair and a never-ending student to the mystery of life makes up who I am. 

My mission is simple- to create harmony within, using and sharing earth-based practices and through this creating a thriving earth for generations to come. Holistic healthcare and herbal remedies have always been my go to, to the point of infusing it into my hairstyling career where I am thrilled to say that the products I use are organic, biodynamic and botanically based! My curiosity for deepening my relationship with the earth has led me to take adventures through all types of wilderness, picking up the plant-based medicine from each place. The need to have a foundation for my herbal practices brought me to the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education where I received my Certificate as an herbalist of the Wise Woman Tradition in June of 2017. 

I believe that we carry the wisdom that we seak, we only need gateways to receive it clearly. The plant spirits can be that gateway and I am here to guide you to your herbal allies. Our pains, sicknesses, illnesses- are each a signal to us that it is time to transform something in our lives and the plants are here to support and move through us during these moments, as well as being everyday preventative companions. It is our birthright to be able to receive and carry on the wisdom of the plants and it is my pleasure to share it. It will be an honor to be of service to your journey!