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About Lizo

Hi I'm Christin Brown. I am best known for my work in the hair industry. I am the lead stylist,curl specialist and owner of Luna Bella Make up and Hair in Santa Barbara, CA. I made it my mission to be a positive change in the hair community by encouraging women to embrace their natural hair. This mission has become part of my healing work and I thoroughly enjoy changing lives with education and a great hair cut. Nothing is more powerful than a woman solid in her own skin and loving all of herself. I’m delighted to be adding herbal methods of healing and wholeness to what we provide for women to further accomplish this vision!

Prior to my work in the hair industry, I earned a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary degree. My culinary background has provided me the framework to create wonderfully  nourishing products for the Pura Luna Shop. My favorites being our Curl Factor Curl Tonic and our Moon Whip Body Butter. Two items that truly make you feel great from head to toe. I look forward to creating more products for the women's community that aid in creating better self care. As a new mom, my passion for supporting women has extended to include mom and baby care, fertility health and postpartum nurturing, by making nourishing and wholesome remedies for this physically and emotionally challenging and life-changing time. For further support, I intend to co-host workshops about the 4th trimester and create a moms group for rad mommies and babies.

Watching my wife, Ashley, blossom as an herbalist, I’ve begun learning from her as an apprentice in herbal medicine. I am thrilled to continue to make an impact in women's wholeness and happiness in so many ways.